Vollrath Pujadas; serving the hospitality industry for over a century and NOW in Africa! - Africa Tourism Consultants

Vollrath Pujadas develops and manufactures a full line of kitchenware, utensils, storage systems and professional equipment for the catering industry. We develop innovative products focused on energy efficiency, sustainability and food waste control to increase the profitability of each activity. More about Vollrath Pujadas 

Vollrath Pujadas's objective: to offer global, specialized, transversal and reliable solutions to Foodservice professionals.

Permanent quality controls and reliable service back us up.

True to our commitment to our customers, we believe in trusted service and personalized attention. Continuous improvement and passion for a job well done allow us to forge honest and lasting relationships.

Jenny Ezaty - Cooking classes for children in the DRCongo with Vollrath Pujadas kitchenware and utensils 

The company was born in Barcelona, ​​halfway between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the main food and wine tourism destinations in the world. This unique enclave laid the foundations of our brand, challenging us every day from the tourism sector to maintain the same level of quality, high standards, freshness and innovation.

Since 2015, we have been part of the Vollrath group, a world leader in all kinds of activities. Vollrath Pujadas sells to over 100 countries and have facilities in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. 

In 2021, we celebrate our centenary with the largest investment ever in hardware as a symbol of commitment and future for our customers, suppliers and our team. 


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