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Since 2021, the place that arouses admiration and curiosity in the minds of Kinshasa people, it is AQUA SPLASH, the new water park installed near the city center... But what is a water park? What is it? so many questions that many people have surely had to ask themselves.

Located on the heavyweight road at 14th street in the municipality of Limete, AQUA SPLASH is a water park and tourist complex; a first of its kind in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Central Africa. AQUA SPLASH offers aquatic-type attractions such as the wave pool, slides of all kinds, an artificial river, a dancing rain and others. It is therefore more than twenty-two thousand square meters dedicated to fun and relaxation.

AQUA SPLASH offers an interesting offer for group entertainment (families, friends, colleagues, etc.) and close to the city center (20 minutes) makes it possible to get there even on weekdays. Access by purchasing a ticket at the ticket office or online with a substantial reduction entitles you to all the attractions for one day. There are three main eating areas with a local and Fast Food menu and kiosks around the compound selling small treats.

Not limiting itself to offering a one-of-a-kind fun experience, AQUA SPLASH has within it a hotel (AQUA INN) which contains twelve luxury rooms and a family suite, thus allowing vacationers, tourists and visitors the possibility of extending their stay in full immersion.

Atlantic is a multipurpose room with a capacity of 1100 seats maximum equipped to facilitate the task of event organizers and guarantee a pleasant experience for participants. In addition to the multipurpose room, Aqua Splash Waterpark & Resort also has additional spaces such as the pool area, the dancing rain, the parking lot, which can also host events.

There is therefore no doubt that with such potential, AQUA SPLASH will be the temple of fun in central Africa for many years to come.

Telephone: (+243) 992077777 - (+243) 999960212
The “Aqua Splash” app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

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